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SpeckTone Retro MP3 Speakers

      SpeckTone Retro MP3 Speakers

      Blast from the past

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        Thanks to its slick '50s styling, the SpeckTone Retro wouldn't look out of place in Doris Day's dressing room or the Fonz's flat. But seeing as this hip tabletop speaker system is designed to accommodate iPods, it would be pretty useless in both.

        SpeckTone Retro

        Funky styling

        Unless of course the icons in question owned time machines, in which case they could buy iPods in the present, go back…hang on, how did the SpeckTones get there in the first place? Whatever. The point being (of course there's a point) this whole intro is just as paradoxical as the genre-busting SpeckTone Retro.







        Set to become one of the most desirable iPod accessories on the planet, this powerful dock/charger looks like something from rock 'n' roll-era America, but the technology inside is so up-to-date even the King himself would be all shook up if he heard it in action.

        SpeckTone Retro

        Loud 4" subwoofer

        A bombastic 4" subwoofer and two 3" drivers lurk within the SpeckTone's lacquered wooden cabinet, delivering a gorgeously rich audio punch that totally belies its size. Throw in analogue circuitry plus a hefty backlit volume knob and the phrase 'they don't make 'em like they used to' becomes utterly redundant.

        SpeckTone Retro

        3.5mm Input for other audio sources

        Compatible with all docking iPods, the SpeckTone Retro will even charge your precious player as it sits in the adjustable slot. But don't despair if you're not an Apple owner - a handy 3.5mm input means you can plug in any MP3 player with a mini-plug headphone jack. You can even hook up CD and cassette players (in which case you really are into retro gear).

        SpeckTone Retro
        Maybe it's the eye-catching, 'hip-to-be-square' wooden construction, maybe it's the 28watts of output, maybe it's the jaunty styling, but we honestly think the SpeckTone Retro is one of the most impressive iPod speakers we've heard since James Dean dropped by in his Tardis with a set of Cadillac-shaped space-tweeters. We really must get out more; you really must hit Add to Cart. Can you dig it? Groovy!

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