Special Effect Fangs
  • Special Effect Fangs

Special Effect Fangs

Bite me!

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    Special Effect Fangs

    John deploys his fangs

    If you’re serious about all this vampire business you’re going to need a proper pair of fangs. And we’re not talking about joke shop gnashers that are more Ricky Gervais than Robert Pattinson, we’re talking about our spine-chillingly realistic Special Effect Fangs.

    Created with the professional/delusional bloodsucker in mind, these pro-standard fangs can be deployed and retracted whenever you fancy thanks to a unique tongue bar. Mortals will be none the wiser until you lure them back to your gothic lair, drop your fangs and do that scary scowl/funny growl thing. Gnyaar!

    Special Effect Fangs

    Soften dental putty in hot water

    Bite down

    Putty will harden for a perfect fit!

    For the perfect fit all you do is soak the fangs in hot water then pretend you’re feeding on a virgin bride as you bite down on the softened dental putty. As soon as they set you’re ready to embark upon your campaign of unimaginable horror ie: putting the willies up unsuspecting passers-by en route to Halloween parties/Twilight conventions. (Immortality and brooding good looks sold separately).
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