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Sparrow Salad Bowl
  • Sparrow Salad Bowl

Sparrow Salad Bowl

Perch among the leaves

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    Never mind the comings and goings of Peter and Paul; these two dickie birds are a darn sight more useful. The cleverly-designed Sparrow Salad Bowl makes a cheep and cheerful addition to any dinner table, with its feathered friends perched side by side on the bowl.

    Close up of the sparrows Above view of the fork and spoon Using the salad fork and spoon

    Fly away Peter...

    Dish it!

    But these two stylised sparrows are more than just table decorations. Their long, slender tails taper into the perfect utensils for serving your salad. Once you’ve dished out your leaves, simply slot the pair back onto the rim of the bowl, ready for next time. Fly away Peter, fly away Paul. And come back when you’ve got a proper job.

    Black and Green colours available

    Black and Green colours available

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