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Sparkling Mango Beer
  • Sparkling Mango Beer

Sparkling Mango Beer

It takes brew to mango

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Sparkling Mango Beer
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  • Fruity beer? Well, if it's good enough for the Belgians...
  • A bottle of deliciously exotic sparkling mango beer
  • Made by the crazy experimenters at Niigata Beer
  • Brewed with REAL fresh mango
  • More sweet fruity goodness than a fruit salad
V - Suitable for Vegetarians


This bottle of tropical temptation by Japanese brewmasters Niigata Beer is like getting smacked in the face with a slice of plump, juicy, ripe mango.

Pop that top off and enter a world of exotic indulgence, almost more fruit than beer. But don’t worry, this isn’t juice. It’s got a lovely 3% ABV so you can indulge your sweet tooth and get crunk at the same time. Perfect.
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