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Get 10% Off our Top 50 products

Sparkling Gold Vodka

Pop goes tradition…with added bling

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    When it comes to pimped-up spirits, we thought we’d seen it all. But then one of our product scouts bowled in brandishing a bottle of Sparkling Gold Vodka.

    We've taken 20% proof vodka blown some bubbles into it (all above board), and then had Midas give it a shake - infusing this carbonated spirit with a glittering snowstorm of edible 22 carat gold leaf, plus a dash of liqueur to produce a heavenly cocktail taste.

    Available in both regular and pink versions (same taste with a hint of blood orange colouring), each bottle contains 200ml, making it the perfect present for the vodka aficionado with everything. Pull this out at a party and guests will be awestruck by your sheer P Diddyness.

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