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Sparkling Gold Cuvee
  • Sparkling Gold Cuvee
  • Sparkling Gold Cuvee

Sparkling Gold Cuvee

Gold swigger

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    Drinking wine is fine. Drinking bubbly is lovely. Drinking bubbly with bits of gold in it is utterly decadent (listen, we’re not made of rhymes). But tough times call for ludicrous behaviour. Just ask the nearest banker. Actually don’t bother because our luxurious Sparkling Gold Cuvée is head-scratchingly affordable.

    Believe it or not, this sparkling dry white wine is infused with edible flakes of genuine 22 carat gold. Yes, really! It’s like a shimmering golden snowstorm trapped within a bottle of refreshing loveliness. Or something like that.

    Ideal for adding a touch of bling to any party scenario, Sparkling Gold Cuvée tastes as good as it looks. You can even buy a strawberry flavoured variety.

    Unrivalled in terms of sheer self-indulgence, this precious libation makes a great present for the wine drinker with (almost) everything, and makes a glimmering addition to any wine rack. We just like the idea of drinking booze-soaked gold. So get ordering before the gold rush turns into a stampede.
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