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Space Lobber Dog Toy
  • Space Lobber Dog Toy

Space Lobber Dog Toy

Boing! Woof! Squeak!

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    Squeezing the Space Lobber Dog Toy makes it squeak

    Squeezy squeak squeak!

    Unless your dog is a fan of 70s pop culture, we doubt it has ever played with a Space Hopper. And even if it has, it would probably prefer to chase it, chew it and slobber all over it, not boing up and down on it (although we’d pay good money to see that). Sadly, proper hoppers are a little on the large side, even for dogs with enormous gobs. That’s why your bow wow needs the Space Lobber.

    This spectacularly squeaky fetch toy is inspired by the nation’s favourite orange blob. No, not Sharon off EastEnders, we’re still talking about the legendary Space Hopper.

    Dog playing with the Space Lobber Dog Toy

    Who's a good dog?!

    Featuring an incredibly sensitive internal squeaker and elongated ears that double up as ergonomic throw handles, this crazy rubber doodah is guaranteed to amuse owners as much as dogs. Now all Rover needs is a pair of groovy flares. Woof! Squeak! Boing!

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