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Space Invaders Reflective Keychains
  • Space Invaders Reflective Keychains

Space Invaders Reflective Keychains

Look out... I’m approaching from the left

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    Space Invaders Reflective Keychain on your bike

    Hi-vis for your bike!

    If our mums had their way, as soon as it gets dark outside we’d all have to put on Tron-style light suits and wear cowbells. Such is their fear of us being hit by a car. But mum, I’m indoors ...on the fourth floor Venice!

    Nevertheless, they’re probably right. A bit of brightly coloured gear to improve our visibility at night wouldn’t go amiss. But it’s not easy when the only options are squeezing into cycling gear or donning a roadsweeper’s tabard. That’s where the Space Invaders Reflective Keychains come in.

    3 different designs available

    3 different designs available (from L-R): Orange, Yellow and White

    Shaped like three of the invading aliens from the classic arcade game, these highly reflective tags will clip easily onto your bag, pocket or bike to boost your visibility at night. The tough material is soft and flexible so it’ll withstand everyday wear and tear and there are three colours to choose from (white, yellow and orange). So you can enjoy these distinctly retro characters by day and their distinctive dayglo colours by night. That’ll keep mum happy.

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