Space Invaders Arcade Machine
  • Space Invaders Arcade Machine

Space Invaders Arcade Machine

Dum, dum, dum, dum - big time!

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    Space Invaders. For people of a certain age, those two words are still capable of bringing a tear to the eye. Forget gobsmacking graphics, convoluted gameplay and superflash sound FX. Space Invaders was the phantasmagorical phenomenon that single-handedly brought video games into the mainstream. Yes, there were video games before the mighty Invaders, but they fell by the wayside the second this revolutionary army of skilfully programmed pixels hit arcades back in 1978.

    The concept was ludicrously simple, yet ridiculously hypnotic: a shellfish-like invasion force marched left and right across the screen, dropping down a level each time they hit the side. The player's job was to defend the planet by blowing up these increasingly speedy little blighters, whose relentless march was accompanied by an ominous four-note soundtrack. The tension was truly unbearable and the game was excruciatingly compelling. A cultural icon was born.

    Space Invaders: Screen Shot

    But you already knew that, didn't you? You're reading this because, like us, you just can't get enough of Space Invaders. Well now you can, with this staggeringly accurate replica arcade machine. Yes, we know you can play watered-down versions of Space Invaders on your PC and you can even download it to your mobile. But nothing, repeat nothing, compares to a genuine stand-up cabinet. Just imagine this hulking great behemoth of a game sitting in your home or office. You'll want to hug it every time you see it, as those fond memories of fishing around for ten pees in your polyester slacks come flooding back.

    Space Invaders

    This gorgeously gigantic cabinet features the innovative artwork from the original Space Invaders game and the arcade cult-classic, Qix. Why's that, you ask. The answer's simple - this mighty machine plays Qix too - a brilliantly addictive classic that time (but not arcade aficionados) forgot.

    Space Invaders: logo

    Everything about this immense machine screams class. From the crystal-clear screen and thumping bass sonics through to the chunky joystick and blimmin' great buttons, the build-quality is truly supreme. The cabinet itself is seriously robust and will withstand all manner of side-slaps from infuriated players who've just seen "Game Over" flash up.

    Space Invaders: Controls

    We guarantee you'll go weak at the knees the second you turn it on, see that familiar glow and hear the dreaded "Dum, dum, dum dum." In fact, if this doesn't make you the most popular person in town, nothing will. Game Over!

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