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Space Invaders Alien Lamp

Iconic Intergalactic Illumination

Product not available at the moment.
  • Retro Colour-changing night light
  • 4 different light modes
  • Officially licensed by Taito
  • Won’t relentlessly shuffle horizontally like a shifty analog crab
All hail the pixelated pop-cultural icon! Everyone remembers frantically shooting their way through wave after wave of falling aliens, perilous against their ruthlessly simple plan of attack. The Space Invaders Alien Lamp has now landed safely and is graciously invading your living room space with its warm colourful glow.

It transpires that once they’re stationary and not casually bearing down upon earth, they make a really quite pleasant colour-changing light. You're now in full control of this inert piece of intergalactic illumination, and four simple buttons allow you to switch easily between the four different light modes.

Officially licensed by Taito, this instantly recognisable retro lamp is the perfect night light for fans of classic arcade games and ethereal room ambience.

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