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Space Invader T-Shirt

    Space Invader T-Shirt

    The ultimate retro style-statement has landed

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      "Played it till my fingers bled, was the summer of 79." No, silly, not my first real six-string, Space Invaders. Yes folks, whether you remember it or not, there can be no denying that Space Invaders was, is, and always will be the greatest videogame ever invented.

      And nowÂ’s your chance to pay homage to the relentless little blighters by purchasing this truly stylish T-Shirt. Whether youÂ’re pubbing it, clubbing it, or just plain lovinÂ’ it, we guarantee this T-Shirt will attract envious glances wherever you may roam.

      So what if the classic Invader looks like a rampaging Motorhead logo, or something you might find lurking in the clammy recesses of C-3PO’s Y-Fronts? The point is, this T-Shirt pays chic tribute to a global gaming phenomenon that has yet to be surpassed. In fact, back in the 70s, this sinister squadron of Lego-like crabs and tipsy jellyfish caused a nationwide coin shortage in Japan. And when Space Invaders hit the West in 1978, pressure groups rallied to have it banned, as it was so addictive. (Victims of Invader-itus would often wake up in sweaty heaps, chanting ‘Dumdumdumdum’ whilst replicating the Invaders’ robotic leg movements). Messy…and, er, not strictly true.

      What canÂ’t be denied is that, just like the game itself, this T-Shirt will defy passing trends and become a must-have classic.

      Resistance really is futile.

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