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Space Bar
  • Space Bar

Space Bar

More ports, less clutter

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    Space Bar

    Now you don't have to keep moving your desk-toys about!

    Space may be the final frontier but we can never seem to get enough of it when we’re sitting at our desks. Gadgets, gizmos, coffee cups, keys – it’s a wonder we get any work done at all. That’s why the ingenious Space Bar is so cool.

    This sleek mains-powered ‘desk shelf’ is designed to minimise clutter while providing six additional desk-level USB ports for your computer. Neat, eh! During the day you position it in front of your monitor and plonk office bits (from cuppas and biscuits to flash drives and phones) on it, thus freeing up precious deskspace. When it’s time to stop gawping/tapping, simply tuck your keyboard underneath it. Hey presto, a clear desk.

    Space Bar

    6x USB ports (3 at each end)

    Socially developed by our idea-hugging friends at, the Space Bar is finished in brushed metal with zeitgeist-approved white accents to complement any contemporary setting. The only thing you should worry about now is what to do with all that newly reclaimed space. We know, more gadgets!

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