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Spa Lights

Wet there be light

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    Spa Lights

    New Colour Changing Spa Lights!

    There are countless ways to give your bathroom that sophisticated Asian spa vibe. Sprinkling petals across the surface of the water is one technique, but petrol station carnations hardly compare to exotic orchids, do they? And trying to zone out as a glaring neon bulb roasts your retinas isn't particularly relaxing either. Candles are a good idea in theory but one stray splash spells soggy wicks all round.

    Spa Lights That's why you need to get hold of a few Spa Lights. Utterly ingenious, these nifty little battery-operated lights have rubber suckers underneath, enabling you to stick them to any smooth bathroom surface. But here's the good bit - Spa Lights are totally waterproof so you can stick them to the inside of the tub. Buy a few and it's like having your very own underwater lighting system.

    Spa Lights

    Original Spa Lights come in different colour casings

    Spa Lights Best of all, you can remove the rubber suction bit and let your Spa Lights float free on the surface of the water. The mellowy, yellowy glow they give off is truly magical and indescribably romantic. Shove on some of that relaxing plinkity-plink music and you could be in Bali, not Basingstoke!

    Amazingly, only 2xAAA batteries are required to power each Spa Light for a whopping 120 hours. That's a lot of bathing and a lot of relaxing. In fact, soaking in the tub whilst surrounded by Spa Lights is almost as soothing as shoving your big toe in the cold tap and humming nursery rhymes with your head underwater. What, haven't you tried it?

    Spa Lights Sold in pairs, Spa Lights are guaranteed to add an air of tranquility to baths, showers, shaves or any other bathroom-based shenanigans you'd care to think of. In fact they're so mesmerising you'll probably forget to do anything other than chill out, prune up and relax. So get ordering now - you're 'avin' a baaf, ain't cha!

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