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Vanity and gluttony collide. Yummy!

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    Philosophers reckon that mankind can be cured of every folly except vanity. And judging by the amount of radical beauty treatments available these days, they might have a point. Indeed, the Botulinum Toxin frozen forehead look is currently all the rage, despite the fact that it makes recipients look like peeled apricots that have just stepped out of a wind tunnel.

    Perhaps that's why master chocolatiers Bloomsberry & Co have cheekily packaged their latest delicious chocolate bars in boxes that closely resemble the ones those naughty little muscle-freezing syringes come in.

    Bochox is a bar of designer dark chocolate created by chef Vanessa Kettelwell and her graphic designer husband Giles Barker. This delectable confectionery is every chocoholics dream as it contains 70% cocoa from Malaysia and cane sugar from Australia, as well as milk from New Zealand. It's a multinational muncher's delight.

    Bochox is guaranteed not to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and it's not even formulated and controlled by Laboratoire Firebox. In fact it's liable to make you look even older, as it seems to cause most recipients to laugh uncontrollably, thus increasing the appearance of smile lines and crow's feet. But who cares when the choccy tastes this good!

    For sweetie-lovers in search of a less drastic solution, may we suggest Dechox. Containing the same scrumptious dark chocolate as Bochox, Dechox's packaging looks just like one of those body detoxifying treatments - you know, the ones favoured by the aforementioned mugs who like filling their faces with liquid botulism. A paradox, no?

    Our wellbeing specialists recommend that you buy both bars immediately because Dechox and Bochox are brilliantly original gifts for anyone who spends as much time in the mirror as they do in the sweet shop. So that'll be all of us then. Mmmm!

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