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South Park Talking Cartman
  • South Park Talking Cartman

South Park Talking Cartman

South Park’s bad-tempered beefcake

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    He’s just saying what we’re all thinking! Actually that’s not true at all. When Eric Theodore Cartman opens his little triangle mouth there’s no telling what kind of horrendous expletives are going to come tumbling out. Ignorant, lazy, potty-mouthed, arrogant, spoiled, and overweight; Cartman is many things, but most of all is that he’s impossible to ignore.

    And now you can enjoy his bad-tempered, ill-informed outbursts everywhere you go with the South Park Talking Cartman. This well-rounded six inch vinyl figure comes armed with 12 of Cartman’s most hilariously ill-conceived outbursts. From righteous declarations to more lengthy musings, you can always be sure of a refreshingly mean-spirited take on things.

    Adjust his eyebrows and you can even change Cartman’s look from shocked, to quizzical, to diabolically furious. Each facial expression casts his outbursts in a different light. Grab one now and celebrate South Park’s most unforgettable gift to the world. Kick ass!

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