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SoundpaX NXT speakers

    SoundpaX NXT speakers

    Biodegradable sound system

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      A pumping sound system is as crucial to a successful party as copious amounts of alcohol, but the two rarely mix well. If someone hasn’t emptied the contents of their stomach over your £1000 B&Ws by the end of the night, then you’ve got away very lightly. What’s the point of having a lovely set of gleaming yellow Kevlar mid-ranges on display if some degenerate is going to spill a large glass of red wine all over them, transforming them into not-quite-so-stunning aubergine? Red wine stains are tricky enough to get out of the living room carpet and it’s not as if you can shampoo your speakers, is it?

      Soundpax NXT speakersIt’s with this in mind that Firebox brings you these delightful NXT flat-panel speakers. They come flat-packed and assembly requires a simple ‘attach cardboard tab A to recess B’-style piece of jiggery pokery, before the corrugated cardboard trapezoids are ready for action.

      Soundpax NXT speakersNXT technology functions in a different way to normal cone air-shifters, meaning that the speakers don’t need a space-consuming enclosure to function. Instead, there’s a little ‘exciter’ that causes the surface to which it’s attached to vibrate at different frequencies, thus producing the sound. NXT speakers tend to be a little on the ‘tinny’ side, thanks to the fact that the surface they’re attached to is usually relatively small. No such jibes can be levelled at the SoundpaX, though, as they stand at a whopping 70cm high, meaning the sheer volume of cardboard produces enough bass for even the most hardened clubbing aficionado.

      Soundpax NXT speakersSimple assembly means theyÂ’re equally easy to store away, so you can dig them out of the garage for any occasion: barbecues, parties, impromptu raves, satanic ritual sacrifices and the like. And, should your guests get a little the worse for wear and decide to drown your hardy SoundpaX in wine, beer, and assorted spirits, at this price you can always chuck them away and buy another pair. Now you canÂ’t say that about your average set of hi-fi speakers, can you?

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