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Soundfreaq Music Platform
  • Soundfreaq Music Platform

Soundfreaq Music Platform

Block of a dock that totally rocks

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    Streaming sound to your iPad

    Stream sound from your iPad
    via bluetooth!

    Calling all iWorshippers. Whether you’re wiggling your booty to Rihanna, gurning to Muse or doing that thumb/pinkie thing to Eminem’s jaunty tirades, you need to do it via a decent sound system. All hail the Soundfreaq Music Platform.

    Naff spelling aside, this is one of the finest speaker docks we’ve ever clapped ears upon. And thanks to its striking monolithic styling it looks pretty cool to boot. Simply plop in your iPod/iPhone and prepare to be wowed as your lugholes are bathed in exceptionally dynamic aural ambrosia courtesy of the Soundfreaq’s sound-widening technology and custom-built, Kevlar reinforced drivers. Yes, Kevlar, the stuff Ross Kemp’s vest is made from.

    The iPhone/iPod dock

    Normal playback and charge
    in the dock

    As well as a standard dock for charging/normal playback, this powerful slab streams music seamlessly via advanced Bluetooth technology from your Mac, iPad, iPhone or PC. Just sync your gizmos once and it’s job done. You can even download the free Soundfreaq Remote App to transform your iPad/iPhone into a remote control and playlist organiser. It’s ideal for Spotify fans, volume-loving movie buffs and iAddicts who can’t bear to stop stroking their Apples.

    Cool hidden compartment for the remote Remote control Twist and touch-sensitive buttons

    Cool hidden compartment
    for the remote

    speaking of remotes..

    Nice twist and touch-sensitive buttons

    Speaking of remotes, the Soundfreaq’s blipper is housed within the side of the unit, so you won’t have to sully surfaces with extra clutter; it’s just one clean block of sonic satisfaction – unless of course you decide to utilise its 3.5mm AUX-in socket to listen to *gasp!* non-Apple audio players. (We won’t tell, promise).

    Inputs on the Back

    1) Power input, 2) AUX-in

    Yes, we suppose you could continue listening to your music through some second rate speaker with all the oomph of a wasp blowing off, but that would be an insult, not only to all the great artists trapped inside your iThing, but to us, self-appointed arbiters of all things cool. ‘Yeah, Miley Cyrus… seriously bassy!’

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