Sound Asleep Travel Pillow
  • Sound Asleep Travel Pillow

Sound Asleep Travel Pillow

Nod along, or just nod off

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    Using it on the bus

    Chillout on the plane

    Getting around the country – or even around the world – is now easier and faster than ever. But that’s little consolation when you’re packed like cattle in the back of a car, plane or train for hours on end.

    Thankfully, there’s a way to pass the time without having to revert to I Spy. The Sound Asleep Travel Pillow lets you listen to your favourite music, media or audiobooks – and even catch forty winks in-between – without the hassle of headphones and cables. Filled with soft, squishy beads, this cosy head rest features a pair of built-in speakers; so listening to your own audio when you’re travelling is easier than ever.

    Storage bag

    Storage bag

    Plug it into any regular (3.5mm) audio socket to enjoy music, movies and more. The speakers are positioned as close to your ears as possible, so as not to bother your fellow passengers. Short of carrying a boombox in your hand luggage it the easiest way to immerse yourself in entertainment.

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