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Soul SL300 Headphones by Ludacris
  • Soul SL300 Headphones by Ludacris

Soul SL300 Headphones by Ludacris

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    black & white version

    Also available in black

    It seems these days you can’t move without stumbling over another celebrity endorsement. Flick through the TV channels and you’re presented with an army of A to Z-listers cooing and gurning over just about anything. So it would be fair to think the same of the Soul SL300 Headphones by Ludacris. But slide these lush cans over your disapproving ears and you’ll soon be proven wrong.

    Designed and curated by hip-hop artist Ludacris, these superior headphones pack some serious technology into their glossy exterior. Which makes us think he might have had a bit of help. But what does it matter? The results are spectacular.

    LED power switch

    Noise cancelling switch on the side

    carry case

    Comes with a padded carry case

    battery compartment

    Powered by 2x AAA batteries

    With their luxury styling and high-quality output, the SL300s are the flagship product in a brand that’ll be sure to ruffle some feathers in the hip-hop headgear industry. In case the bold colours and sleek styling aren’t striking enough, a circle of LEDs highlight the “S” badge on the ear cup when they’re in use. It seems these cans are here to be seen as well as heard.

    A pair of batteries fit snugly into the ear cap; powering the active noise cancellation technology. While you can still listen to music without it, switching it on will drown out all but the loudest background sounds. Perfect for finding yourself a little headspace in crowded places.


    A name you can trust to provide an amazing sound experience

    So forget those superficial Z-list endorsements and grab yourself a product that has an artist’s blood sweat and tears behind them. The era of the passion project is back (for the first time).

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