Soul SL150 Headphones by Ludacris
  • Soul SL150 Headphones by Ludacris

Soul SL150 Headphones by Ludacris

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    Some headphones blow your mind the moment you slip them on. Others can do it from across the room. By a stroke of luck, Soul SL150 Headphones by Ludacris fall into the second category.

    Designed and curated by hip-hop artist Ludacris, these superior cans will be sure to turn heads. And not just from the hipster crowd. With all sorts of high-tech wizardry ( advanced driver circuitry etc.) behind the sleek, modern exterior, they’ve been garnering nods of approval from audiophiles as well.

    Soul by Ludacris SL150
    More compact and lighter than the flagship SL300 ‘phones; but still bearing the signature glowing ear cup badge; the SL150s are superb for anyone on the move. iPhone ready and with an in-line remote on the audio cable you can flick tracks and take calls in a flash. They’ll even fold down for easy transport – not that you’ll be putting these away any time soon.

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