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Soul SL100 Headphones by Ludacris
  • Soul SL100 Headphones by Ludacris

Soul SL100 Headphones by Ludacris

Listen (let everyone else stop and look)

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    red version

    Also available in red

    For listening to your favourite tunes on the move, you could settle for the usual drab grey headphones – and shout over the volume of your music that for you, it’s all about the audio. Looks are for hipsters and fashion slaves. And all that.

    But these days, no matter how loud you shout, you’ll still receive confused looks from the people around you. And not because they can’t hear you. It’s because there are now headphones that cross the style/substance divide, like the Soul SL100 Headphones by Ludacris. Sadly, your grey cans have been left behind.

    Ludacris wearing his headphones

    Lose yourself in the beats

    Developed by hip-hop artists Ludacris (and a team of award winning designers) these achingly smart headphones feature advanced driver and circuitry design – delivering superb bass with clear mids and highs.

    For the audiophile on the go, the ear cups can be folded into the headband and stored in the protective roadcase. But who will want to put these away? Compatible with smartphones and iPhones alike, you can use the SL100s for all of your audio needs. And for drowning out that raving lunatic with the naff headphones.

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