• Sonicwalk


Cue the montage!

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    in-built speaker scale

    Hidden speaker in each strap

    They call it the Sonicwalk. But anyone who’s seen it in action will know that this rugged, mobile music-maker has been built for sports. And we’re not talking crown green bowls and darts. We’re talking about fast-paced, high energy, sweat-producing, muscle-cramping, hell-for-leather sports like running, cycling, snowboarding and oh what the heck why not crown green bowling and darts. In fact, the Sonicwalk is so lightweight and easy to use you could wear it anywhere, whether you’re bombing down a black run or chasing the cat around the garden. So how does it work? Good question.

    The Sonicwalk is a portable, wearable sound system. With 2 speakers built into the straps it’s great for sharing your tunes while you’re out and about. Just plug in your mobile or MP3 player and tuck it into the soft neoprene pocket in the strap. Slide your arms into the loops, just like a backpack, and you can forget it’s even there. When you want to make some noise, just use the volume controls on the straps. But people won’t just hear you – they’ll see you too.

    Step 1

    Connect your phone or MP3 player

    Step 2

    Select a desirable volume

    Step 3

    Run like the Earth, Wind and Fire

    Rear light animation

    Useful safety light for evening training

    Built into the back of the Sonicwalk is a battery-powered LED strip, boasting several different light-up functions. Choose your favourite sequence and it’ll be sure to get you noticed by fellow outdoorsy types while you’re exercising in the dark.

    Safer and more comfortable than covering your ears with headphones, the Sonicwalk is great for giving you a soundtrack while you’re training. Cue the montage!

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