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Ear candy meets eye candy

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    When it comes to desktop speakers, fashion is frequently ignored in favour of function. So thank goodness the über-cool looking Sonicum Speakers look as good as they sound. Scratch that, they look as amazing as they sound!

    Sonicum Speaker System

    Sleek 5w speakers

    This sleek 2.1 designer speaker system comprises a pair of 5w speakers and a beefy 15w subwoofer. But here's the twist: the two satellite speakers are shaped like the universal icon for sound - you know, the silhouette of a speaker cone that looks a bit like a hi-tech daffodil trumpet.

    Sonicum Speaker System

    Turn up the volume!

    As for the thudtastic 15w subwoofer, well that's shaped like…er, well, it's just the normal rectangular shape. But don't fret because it will probably go under your desk. Having said that, it's seriously sleek and its bass knob is marked with one of those textual smileys :)

    Sonicum Speaker System

    Small but stylish!

    This nifty system utilises NXT flat panel technology for superior sonics, so it will appeal to audiophiles as well as fans of minimalist aesthetics. Speaking of aesthetics, Sonicum Speakers have been designed by Russian industrial designer Art Lebedev. No, we haven't either but he sure knows his onions when it comes to knocking out hi tech computer peripherals that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the lughole.

    Sonicum Speaker System

    Ideal desktop companions!

    Sonicum Speaker System

    Connect your mp3 player

    A triumph of form and function, Sonicum Speakers are ideal desktop companions and they're guaranteed to add a designer edge to any computer set up. You can also plug the whole shebang into your MP3 player using the included 3.5mm jack cable.

    With a speaker system this bombastic it's entirely likely your neighbours will be bashing on the wall with a broomstick the second you crank up the bass. So why not invite them over to admire your highly fashionable speaker set-up? It works every time. Well okay, it doesn't, but it would if everyone else was as style and sound conscious as you are!

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