Sonic Impact Si-5 Speakers

    Sonic Impact Si-5 Speakers

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      We get all kinds of stuff at Firebox Manor, sent to us in all kinds of boxes. Some of it is good, some of it isn't. Some of it is brilliant - like the Sonic Impact Technologies Si-5 Flat Panel Speakers. Doing a top job with Walkmans and their ilk when the headphones come off, the sound that comes out of the speakers is incredible. We're not talking Bang and Olufsen, but certainly better than any little set-up we've seen.

      Something called NXTª technology makes the speakers work as great as they do, but that isn't important. All you need to know is that the CD-case-sized speakers, coupled with the neat digital amp, combine to make a noise that's a million miles away from the tinny, feeble whine normally associated with speakers like these. There's a laudable feat of miniaturisation going on here; the 3D effect is extremely impressive. Like a good dog food, the sound is rich and meaty.

      You don't just plug these into personal music players - no, Sir. Beefing up the weedy aural output of laptops is another reason to thank Sonic Impact Technologies. Two more are the enhancing of sound from video game consoles and from portable DVD players. Wherever a boost to built-in noise making is needed (or where none exists), the Sonic Impact Technologies Si-5 speaker system is simply brilliant.

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