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Sonic Grenade
  • Sonic Grenade

Sonic Grenade

Wake me up before you blow blow!

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    There are several ways to wake a heavy sleeper. Screaming 'Get up you lazy... er... person' is one method, but it's invariably met by a mumbled response involving the word 'off'.

    Sonic Grenade
    Cranking up the stereo to 11 is another technique, but we find the professional dozer always manages to remain blissfully oblivious to the din until the rest of the house is forced to concede defeat. Marching into the bedroom clashing cymbals and walloping a bass drum works, but unless you're on first name terms with the local one-man band, it's not really practical.

    So how do you rouse annoying layabouts without buying half a ton of bulky percussion? Easy, you purchase a Sonic Grenade! Simply pull the pin on this amusingly heartless device, lob it into the sleeper's room, yell 'fire in the hole!' and run for cover. Within twenty seconds a piercingly loud, spectacularly annoying noise will blast from this comedy grenade's innards, causing the sleeper to wake up faster than you can say 'I love it when a plan comes together'.

    Sonic Grenade

    Choose your weapon


    Pull the pin


    Lob it!l

    What makes the Sonic Grenade particularly effective (and hilarious) is the fact it can only be deactivated by replacing the pin, so victims have to get up and find you (and the pin) in order to silence its dreadful caterwauling. If you're feeling generous you can always chuck in the pin along with the grenade - although the sleeper will still have to scrabble around on the floor looking for it. Brilliant!

    Featuring three volume levels the Sonic Grenade looks just like an archetypal Hollywood grenade, so you can make like your favourite movie star every time you roll/lob/drop it into the bedroom. In fact, it's so hilariously irritating we've started using ours just to annoy people. Perfect for slothful schoolkids, lazybones partners and layabout flatmates, the Sonic Grenade is guaranteed to stir all but the bravest of sleepers. Indeed, if this deafening little baby doesn't wake 'em up, nothing will. We said IF THIS DEAFENING LITTLE...Oh, forget it. GRENADE!!

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