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Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock
  • Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

Boom, boom, shake the bedroom

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    Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

    Hit that snooze!

    There are plenty of ways to wake up heavy sleepers. Unfortunately Motorhead are unavailable for bedroom gigs, kettle drums are seriously expensive and howitzers make rather awkward bedfellows. Step forward the ear-quaking, mattress-shaking Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock.

    Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

    Super Shaker Bed Vibrator

    This staggeringly loud waker-upper features an alarm that lets rip at a bone-shuddering 113 decibels. That's louder than a chainsaw or a helicopter. Eek! But wait, there's more: a separate vibrating attachment goes under your mattress to help judder you out of boboland. So if the alarm doesn't wake you up, the 12V shaker-upper will. WE SAID IF THE ALARM…oh never mind. The point is this super-shaker-bed-vibrator is one seriously seismic alarm clock.

    Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

    Simple Setting Buttons

    Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

    Power it with a battery - so you'll wake even if there's a power cut!

    With its stealthy, vaguely military appearance the Richter-registering Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock will add a touch of utilitarian chic to any bedside table. What's more it boasts pulsating alert lights to augment its already stupefying 'what the $*#*!? factor. There's even a battery back-up option in case of a power cut.

    Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

    Alarm Volume Wheel

    Alarm Function Switch

    Display Frequency Switch

    Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

    Display Brightness Switch

    Talking of handy functions, the Sonic Bomb also features a volume control (phew!), snooze button and dimmer switch. Sadly it doesn't drop a comedy anvil on your bonce for good measure but you can't have everything.

    We've seen a lot of tooth-looseningly loud alarm clocks in our time but this vibrating baby takes the biscuit. In fact it takes the biscuit, yells in its ear with a nuclear megaphone and violently shakes it to mere crumbs. If the Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock fails to get you out of bed, we can only suggest you arrange for a grand piano to be dropped from the ceiling every morning. WE SAID, IF THE…oh, forget it.

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