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Solitaire Chess

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    You’re not claustrophobic are you? Good. Well while we have first go with the brown paper bag, have a look at this version of chess that takes place on a cramped 4 x 4 checkerboard.

    The aptly-titled Solitaire Chess is a sequential logic puzzle that uses all the same moves as chess. However, your challenge is not to defeat an opponent; but to eliminate all but one piece on the board.

    The set comes with 60 different challenge cards, of varying difficulty. Set out the pieces according to the card and begin taking them, one by one. Just like solitaire, it’s all about strategy, forward planning, and a smidgen of good luck. Just make sure you don’t get backed into a corner. There’s no way out... THERE’S NO WAY OUT! *breeeathe*

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