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    Solio Charger

    NEW - Silver model!

    Isn't the sun great? Because as well as being big, bright and orangey (a bit like this website) its rays can be harnessed to power things. Sadly, unless you're a Bond villain, solar energy is normally associated with dreary things like calculators and central heating systems. But not for much longer, because the ingenious Solio Solar Charger is a brilliant take-anywhere gizmo that will charge your iPod using the power of the sun.

    Solio Charger Armed with a Solio you'll never run out of juice again, even if you're miles from the nearest power socket. All the rage amongst polar explorers (no, really) the award-winning Solio features a fan-blade design that allows it to soak up lots of lovely rays. Just spread out the blades and expose them to direct sunlight (either outside or affixed to a window).

    Solio Charger The chic Solio's high capacity internal battery stores energy and then releases it when the unit is plugged into your iPod. And it doesn't just release a wimpy trickle; a fully charged Solio delivers enough energy to extend iPod playtimes by up to 9 hours. And if you're ever stranded on a desert island you won't need to leave the Solio in the sun for days on end just to listen to one Shakin' Stevens track, because one hour of sun can provide an hour's worth of play time.

    Solio Charger All you treehuggers out there will be thrilled to learn that the Solio is environmentally friendly - the more you use it, the less carbon dioxide you emit into the atmosphere. There really isn't a downside to owning this pocket-sized miracle. It might seem a bit daft but you can even plug the Solio into a regular wall socket to charge up its battery for instant power anywhere. Not a bad idea as the Solio can store energy for more than a year!

    Solio Charger We've seen some bright ideas in our time but the Solio Solar Charger is surely one of the brightest. Whether you're backpacking, skiing or trekking across the Antarctic, the Solio is an essential travelling companion for anyone who loves music on the move. Get in there, sun!

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