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Soldier Egg Cup
  • Soldier Egg Cup

Soldier Egg Cup

It ain't half hot, mum!

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    Egg Soldier Egg Cup

    Soldier soldier

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not give your beloved boiled egg the respect it deserves and place it in a Soldier Egg Cup. This brilliantly daft eggy receptacle comprises three sword-wielding plastic soldiers who will protect your egg in any scenario.

    Egg Soldier Egg Cup

    Bombardier's breaky

    Okay, so these eggy soldiers can't really fend off a rapidly descending teaspoon, a buttered sliver of bread or a salt and pepper bombardment. In fact they won't even stop you from smashing your egg on the bonce and scooping out its innards. What they will do, however, is raise a smirk each and every morning as they hold your egg perfectly in place with military precision. Atten-shun!

    Egg Soldier Egg Cup

    War is shell!

    Just think, with a Soldier Egg Cup on guard, adding a military lilt to breakfast proceedings is easy. "All right you 'orrible little chooky-egg; if you don't come out of that pan soft-boiled I'm gonna crack you open and spoon out your..." You get the idea. You can even assign your supportive little soldiers to egg-related regiments - Duke of Shell-ington, Boil Fusiliers etc. But enough already with the bad yolks.

    Egg Soldier Egg Cup

    Deeply dippy

    Ideal for military nuts or anyone bored with regular egg cups, the Soldier Egg Cup is ready to parade on your breakfast table right now. So hurry up and hit the Buy button or it's a week's latrine duty for you 'orrible 'erberts. Fall in!

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