Solar Party Lights
  • Solar Party Lights

Solar Party Lights

Don’t let the sun go down on me-eee

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    colour animation

    Colour changing LED bulbs

    The idea of hanging colourful little lights around the garden is a great one. Unfortunately regular fairy lights are liable to short-circuit the second you unfurl the mains lead extension. Not so our hassle-free Solar Party Lights.

    The clue's in the name because these magical lights are powered by one of the hottest stars in the universe. No, not Jessica Alba (although that would be good). We're talking about the sun. So as well as being eco-friendly, you won't have to run cables out the back door or risk electrocuting your guests come nightfall.

    Solar panel has an automatic dusk sensor

    Let there be light

    Thanks to the energy-saving colour changing LEDs, any outdoor space will be transformed into an enchanting technicolour hideaway. The effect is utterly captivating. Use them to decorate branches, doorways, trellises, shrubs, parasols, statues of Bill Oddie - whatever. Squint and you could be in Neverland (fictional dream world, not Jacko's gaff).

    There's even a built-in automatic dusk sensor so as soon as it gets dark they’ll come to life.

    What you get in the kit

    24 LED bulbs on 11m of cable and the solar panel

    But what about the solar power stuff, we hear you ask? Well, leave it out in the daylight and you will get up to six hours of power. So unless you're planning to party all night in Antarctica, you're laughing. Speaking of partying, there's no need to cry over spilt beer or crummy weather because the powerful battery is encased in waterproof housing. Leave it outside all year round. Result.

    With such a simple, self-contained way of decorating your outdoor soirees, you'll wonder why you ever bothered with pesky mains powered party lights. So get ordering and prepare to be illuminated.

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