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Solar Keychain
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Solar Keychain

Bring me sunshine

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    Isn't it infuriating gett...What we mean is, don't you just hate it when your pho...Look, the point we're trying to make is that it's really annoying when your mobile runs out of juice mid-conversation. But thankfully help is at hand in the eco-friendly shape of the Solar Keychain.

    Solar Keychain with keys

    Perfect keychain

    Simply dangle this ultra-slim device from your keyring and you'll have emergency power for your phone 24/7, wherever you may roam. Unless of course you leave your keys at home, in which case you'll be in double trouble.

    Solar Keychain charging a Motorola

    Charging a Motorola

    Using the Solar Keychain is lemon squeezy. Simply plug it into your mobile using the relevant adaptor (loads included) and gawp in planet-hugging amazement as it pumps in around 15-25 minutes of extra talktime. That's more than enough time to order a cab, talk vindaloo with the bloke down the curry house and send a few 'ooh, me 'ead' style texts from the back of the taxi.

    Solar Keychain in hand

    Handy size

    Mobile users who choose to shun the pub/takeaway lifestyle can use the additional power for genuine emergencies: SOS calls, mountain rescues, coastguard texts - you name it, the Solar Keychain can be a real lifesaver.

    Solar Keychain and USB cable

    Charges via the sun or USB!

    This sleek gizmo's internal battery takes around ten hours to fully charge. Simply leave it to soak up some rays while you recite some Al Gore speeches. There's even a handy LED indicator that confirms the battery is charging.

    As well as mobile phones, the Solar Keychain can also be used to breathe emergency life into virtually any gadget with a USB port, from PSPs and MP3 players to PDAs and cameras. It's like having a power station in your pocket without any ozone-hating emissions to niggle your conscience or lofty chimneys to ruin the line of your suit. The sun? We love it!

    Solar Keychain

    A large selection of adapters

    If you've got a mobile phone, a set of keys and fifteen quid going spare we strongly recommend you hit the Buy button right now. If not, enjoy yourself when your next mobile call cuts o...

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