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    For nostalgia nuts and devotee soda drinkers, nothing beats the SodaStream to bring you right back to ‘84. But, let’s face it, your simple soda water would be pretty dull without some mouth-watering flavours to bring it to life, so Firebox has picked the tastiest SodaStream Syrups just for you!

    After a thorough testing under scientific conditions, the testers at Firebox Taste Towers have selected the most sensational syrups to get the best from your SodaStream. Fans of classic Cola can now create their very own (no diet stuff here either, folks) at home, and for adults only you can create a mixer for your favourite alcoholic tipple.

    Cherry Cream Soda Cola


    Cream Soda


    Next is Cream Soda, so you can make like The Fonz and go all American diner-style right at home. This delicious vanilla-flavoured syrup is super-sweet and just swell with a burst of bubbles. Why not try out an Ice Cream Soda Float by pouring over vanilla ice cream. As Gordon would say; “SodaStream- Ice-Cream-Soda-Float. DONE.”

    Lastly, there’s Cherry to give your soda some fruity flavour. Cherry Soda may sound like a sparsely-dressed woman on your local corner, but this sweet fragrant syrup is perfect for the real sweet-tooth’s out there, and is actually super-refreshing. Kids love it too!

    The SodaStream bods recommend using 1 part syrup to 23 parts water, so each 500ml bottle of syrup will make up to around 12L of soda. Simply give the bottle a shake and add a little to the water, how much depends on your penchant for the punch!

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