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SodaStream Syrup Sampler Pack
  • SodaStream Syrup Sampler Pack

SodaStream Syrup Sampler Pack

Tempt your taste buds

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    What is it about mini things that are so appealing? Think about it. Mini-bar, mini-skirt, mini-metro (ok, maybe not everything) but all things in miniature are so cute we just can’t get enough! That’s why we’ve fallen for the SodaStream Syrup Sampler Pack, containing 12 trial-sized samples of the most mouth-watering, refreshing SodaStream flavours.

    12 samples

    12 sample flavours (L-R): Cranberry, Cola, Lemon Lime, Tonic, Ginger Ale, Xstream energy, Cola (sugar free), Cola (diet), Lemonade (sugar free), Orange, Apple and Lemonade

    Perfect for indecisive adults and boredom-prone kids, these trial bottles are 42ml in size, which makes around 1L of flavoursome fizzy pop. Divided into 6 regular flavours and 6 diet syrups for those watching their waistlines, flavours include old favourites like Orange, Cola and Apple, a couple of mixers (Tonic and Ginger Ale) and a few imaginative syrups like Cranberry Raspberry and the scary-sounding Xstream, which isn’t actually scary, it’s an energy flavour with vitamin C, vitamin B, and added caffeine.

    Once you start experimenting to find your favourite flavours you won’t be able to get enough of these scrumptious syrups, plus you’ll manage to satisfy all your soda-sipping guests, whatever happens to tempt their taste buds.

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