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Sock Monkey Kit
  • Sock Monkey Kit

Sock Monkey Kit

Hey, hey, we’re the monkeys!

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    Making a sock monkey

    Make your own sock monkey!

    Making cuddly animals out of socks is not something we ever imagined we’d find ourselves doing here at Firebox Towers. But the impossibly cute Sock Monkey Kit has grabbed us by the short and fluffies (yes, our socks). Because as well as containing everything you need to make a cuddlesome sock monkey, it teaches you how to create an entire menagerie of sock animals.

    If your exposure to sock monkeys is limited to Johnny Vegas’s wisecracking sidekick, allow us to enlighten you: these snuggly critters are icons of kitsch across the pond, and have been charming kids and infantile adults for over 60 years. Thankfully it’s never too late to develop a worrying interest in American sock-based simians, so read on…

    Contents of the Sock Monkey Kit

    Kit contains: Step-by-step book, a pair of socks, buttons for eyes and stuffing

    Book that comes in the Sock Monkey Kit

    Choose what to make!

    Each Sock Monkey Kit comes with a pair of colourful socks, buttons for eyes and stuffing, so you can create your very own sock monkey straight away. Also included is a fully-illustrated 64 page book with step-by-step instructions telling you how to make 8 additional creatures, including elephants, rabbits, owls, crocodiles, pigs, squirrels, cats and bears. Just add socks, buttons and stuffing. Each squishy character even has its own suitably surreal name, from Bon Rompus to Minnie Wimzy.

    Pages in the book

    Fully illustrated pages!

    The Sock Monkey

    ...and here's the little monkey!

    A brilliantly original gift for those of you who enjoy crazy creatures, crafts and cuddles, the Sock Monkey Kit will also appeal to anyone with a motley collection of stray socks (ie: everyone). So unless you’re one of those sockless moccasin buffoons or you live on the beach, you’re laughing.

    Totally addictive, once you’ve made your first socky-wocky doodah we guarantee there will be no stopping you. We’re hooked. In fact we’re writing this surrounded by madcap animals. Trouble is we can’t find our socks…

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