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Soccer Swingball
  • Soccer Swingball

Soccer Swingball

Go for a kick around, and around, and around

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    boxed up

    Easily packs away for storage

    Short on space? No problem! Now you can boot your ball as hard as you like without putting a hole in the shed, knocking over the barbie, or – even worse – having to trudge next door to ask for it back. With Soccer Swingball you can practice your spot kicks in even the tightest of spaces.

    The sturdy netting around the ball keeps it from pinging off into the distance, swinging it round and around the fixed metal coil instead. See how high (or low) you can get it with one kick, or compete with a friend in a race to the top (or the bottom). It’s just like tennis swingball, and just as much fun.

    The base can be weighted with water or sand, so you could even take Soccer Swingball down to the park, or to the beach. All of the components fit inside the base and there’s even a convenient handle. So when you’re ready to go it all folds up into an easy to carry bundle. Remarkable.

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