Snow Boogie Fantom X Sled
  • Snow Boogie Fantom X Sled

Snow Boogie Fantom X Sled

Coming down the mountain…very fast

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    Steering close-up

    Steer the bars with your hands or feet

    Now that it snows every winter here in Blighty why not take advantage of the increasingly huge dumps (no sniggering at the back) by binning that ancient wooden contraption in the garage and getting yourself a decent sled. Introducing the incredibly sleek Snow Boogie Fantom X.

    Forget tea trays and bin liners, this amazingly fast sled is the only way to bomb down the slopes this winter. Why? Well unlike conventional sleds (sledge, sled, who cares?) the metal alloy/nylon mesh Fantom X has pivoting skis attached to its handlebars so riders can steer and manoeuvre their way down the mountain (or more likely the hill) like never before.

    Incredibly light, the Fantom X is perfect for repeat runs/trudging uphill, and its wide skis allow it to shift in both packed snow and fresh powder. You can even ride in a sitting position or flat out headfirst. Weeeee! In fact the only thing this space-age sled can’t do is make it snow. Indeed we’re typing this in our thermals, squatting on our Fantom X in a state of giddy anticipation. Jack Frost, do your worst!

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