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    Inflatable travel pillow and blanket

    For young kids, car journeys are just a lot of sky flashing past the window, with a chorus of “are we nearly there yet?” the only way to break up the boredom. If only they could just take a nap. Wouldn’t life be easier? Well we’ve found the perfect bit of kit to make them feel safe, snug and comfy, all the way there.

    From the designers of the award-winning Trunki comes SnooziHedz – the cute and compact travel cushion for kids. Take SnooziHedz with you whenever you leave the house. This soft plush character makes a great back-support, headrest, or cuddly companion on long trips. But it’s best-suited to lulling them to sleep.

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    Join together using the Trunki grips™

    Simply unzip SnooziHedz and pull out the generous cotton blanket inside. Inflate the cushion using the concealed valve and it’ll be just as cosy to lean against as before. Tuck the corners of the blanket through the cushion’s Trunki Grips so it doesn’t slide off while your child is asleep and there you have it – a complete blanket and travel cushion in one. The super soft blanket even has a pocket to keep teddy warm.

    When you reach your destination, simply deflate the cushion, pack the blanket away, and zip the whole lot back up – ready for your next blissfully-quiet trip.

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