Snoopy Qee Mystery Box Series
  • Snoopy Qee Mystery Box Series

Snoopy Qee Mystery Box Series

Snoopy gets the Qee treatment

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    Remember when everyone went mad for Qees a few years ago? The little blind-packed vinyl characters – each one decorated by a different graphic artist – became the must-have art toy for in-the-know grown ups and kids alike. Well, building on the success of the original Cat, Mouse and Dog Qees, the creators of this collectible craze have given the same graphic treatment to everyone’s favourite beagle.

    various snoopy's available

    Which one will you get? Can you get all of them?

    Featuring the trademark slouching posture of the original Qees, but with an instantly recogniseable new head, the Snoopy Qee Mystery Box Series is coming to a desk, dashboard, or playground near you. As before, each one comes blind-packed, so you’ll never know which one you’re going to get. Some colour schemes are common, some are rare and some are ultra-rare. Collect them all, or swap them with your friends until you find your favourite.

    Each Snoopy comes with a miniature stand, but also a keyring attachment for clipping to your house keys, car keys, bags and jackets. They’re an ideal gift for collectors and kids alike.

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