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Snappy Selfie Remote
  • Snappy Selfie Remote
  • Snappy Selfie Remote

Snappy Selfie Remote

No vain, no gain

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  • Your existence read like a Buzzfeed list of selfies gone wrong?
  • This one's for you
  • 10 metres wireless range
  • It's a selfie party and everyone's invited: frame fits all
  • No App required. All hail Bluetooth.
  • Remote, prop-up stand and keychain included. 3-in 1 or what?


Ah, the art of selfies. At times, truly merciless. Many of us embark on this daily treacherous quest. Waging the war on unflattering angles, limb straining, beheaded BFF’s - not to mention the dreaded blur. This Snappy Selfie Remote's about to put a stop to all that nonsense.

A groundbreaking selfie solution, this pocket-sized remote helps you nail the perfect self-portrait. Lightning speed pairing capabilities mean your Instagram game’s never been such a breeze to maintain. The Bluetooth remote shutter lets you snap wirelessly - no app required - it’s as efficient as vanity gets.

Complete with remote, keychain, removable prop-up stand PLUS a whopping 10 metres wireless range, the world is pretty much your egotistical oyster. All that’s left to do now is pucker up.

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3 Reviews

Average 4.5/5 stars
  • "I didn't want to look like another idiot with a selfie stick. Such a great device for doing group photos where everyone wants to get in."
    Hannah - 29th of March, 2016
  • "Holds what it promises, no Problem with my Galaxy S5."
    Maria The Iii Of Dragonfly - 25th of June, 2015
  • "Great stuff, easy to use."
    Daisy - 18th of May, 2015