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Snake Venom

The World's Strongest Fortified Beer

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  • 67.5%!
  • For boozy thrill-seekers only
  • Comes with its own warning label and letter of explanation
  • Actually tastes very palatable
  • For your own safety, only drink in small 35ml measures
  • Brewed in Scotland by Brewmeister Beers – wtf were they thinking?


Remember that time you took a sip of triple-hopped IPA, studied the back label and thought to yourself "Oosh 7.3% I've got a strong one!"

How cute.

Allow us to introduce you to Snake Venom, the Strongest Fortified Beer in the World – and at a gut-punching 67.5% it really is a boozy thrill-seeker's wet dream.

All the warning signs are there:
  • Ominous dark colour
  • No head (it's non-carbonated due to the sheer volume of alcohol)
  • Bright yellow label advising you to only consume it in tiny 35ml measures
But in spite of all this, Snake Venom actually possesses a well-balanced, sweet and nutty aroma, with a fruity flavour and pleasing fiery finish.

Don't pretend that you're not just a little bit intrigued. Go on – challenge yourself, challenge your mates. Taste the strongest fortified beer in the world.

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