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Smoking Mittens

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    Smoking Mittens

    Freezing fingers? Use these!

    Now that the smoking ban is in full force, all you ciggie-wielding social pariahs have been rightfully cast into the wilderness. Well okay, you've been cast into the pub forecourt and the office car park. And by jiminy it's cold, innit?

    Smoking Mittens

    Metal eyelet to accommodate your cigarette

    Thankfully Smoking Mittens are here to save the day, not to mention your freezing fingers. These ingenious designer mittens have been specifically created to hold your ciggie and keep your hands warm and toasty as you brave the elements. How? Well, one of the insulated mittens (left/right reversible) features a nifty metal eyelet to accommodate your cigarette. Clever, eh!

    Yes, we suppose you could use a pair of skiing gloves, but even if you managed to keep hold of your cigarette through clumpy insulated fingers you'd probably set your gloves on fire every time you got down to the butt. And you don't want your hands to be that warm, do you?

    Smoking Mittens


    An ideal gift for foolhardy tobacco addicts, Smoking Mittens are destined to become must-have accessories this, and every other, winter. And let's face it, you're already damaging most bits of your body with nicotine, so why put your delicate ikkle fingers at risk from frostbite?

    Smoking Mittens

    Cool packaging

    As packed pavements prove, a piddly indoor ban isn't going to deter the more intrepid smoker from lighting up, but freezing weather may well do. That's why we reckon Smoking Mittens are going to be seriously popular. They really are the ultimate smoker's companion. So stop puffing and get ordering. At least your fingers will thank you for it.

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