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Smokey Amp

Smokin' Axecesory

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    Musicians are very cool. Musicians smoke. They also use equipment called amps. These three undeniable truths of rock have been fused together, by a former custom amp designer at guitar legends Fender, in the form of the very cool Smokey amp. It's a high-performing amp - for its size - housed in a used cigarette carton. A perfect box, mind you, no phone numbers or torn corners.

    A lifetime's appreciation of surgically enhanced models may or may not have induced the makers to inject silicone into the boxes as reinforcement, but it works a treat. One square battery will give you about ten hours of playing time, and there's a 0.5w output into the built-in speaker. Of course, you're not going to play Wembley with one, but a whopping great Marshall doesn't fit in your pocket, does it?

    A triumph of recycling and lo-fi design, several top bands have used the Smokey. Because it's brilliant. Turn the volume right up and it's a makeshift fuzzbox. But one crucial question remains. Who smokes all the tabs?

    Made from lovingly recycled cigarette packets, Smokey Amps come in a variety of flavours. And although they are not affiliated with, sponsored or authorized by any cigarette company, unlike their previous contents, these packs will not cause cancer, emphysema, or lower the birth rate.

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