Smash Pestle and Mortar
  • Smash Pestle and Mortar

Smash Pestle and Mortar

Grinds others into the dust

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    close up detail

    Star-shaped grooves smash and grind

    The art of bashing herbs and spices into tiny bits has gone pretty much unchanged for thousands of years. Big blunt rock? Check. Solid round bowl? Check. Let’s get pulverising!

    Now it’s all well and good getting nostalgic about our ham-fisted descendants, but we’re living in more advanced times now. And this calls for far cleverer ways to smash things to smithereens. Thankfully, the Smash Pestle and Mortar is just such a gadget.

    Not only does the porcelain Pestle have a comfy non-slip handle (take that, big blunt rock), but it also features a unique pattern of interlocking star-shaped grooves etched into the base. These expertly control whatever you are grinding – deftly guiding all loose particles back into the Pestle’s path to make grinding much quicker and easier.

    how to use

    Rotate the pestle in the mortar

    The reassuringly-heavy Smash Mortar is taller and narrower than traditional designs, so it takes up less space on your kitchen worktop and will fit more comfortably into a dishwasher. The narrower design also makes holding it far more comfortable.

    Stylish, space age, and thoroughly smashing, this pestle and mortar is perfect for powdering herbs and spices, or even vitamins and pills. Click the buy button and get grinding!

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