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  • SmartSwipe


The future of online shopping!

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    Plugs in via USB

    Buying stuff online rules. Of course we would say that. But even we have to admit that typing in credit card info can be a chore. Name? Address? Card number? Expiry date? Shoe size? Favourite member of JLS? It’s enough to drive you crackers. Worse still, cyber crooks are becoming increasingly devious in their attempts to snaffle your details. That’s why you need the ultra-secure SmartSwipe.

    Set to totally revolutionise the way you shop online, this groundbreaking USB gadget reads, encrypts and transmits your personal credit card data directly to the online payment page. Simply swipe your card and click ‘confirm’ via the onscreen purchase wizard – no typing required.


    Bring up SmartSwipe Wizard

    Swipe your card

    Review card information

    But there’s more to SmartSwipe than mere speed and convenience. It also protects your info from hackers and malicious software, and provides proactive protection against phishing sites. Take that, Mr Cybervillain!

    Sceptical? Don’t be because thanks to SmartSwipe your personal information is protected before it even enters your computer, so it’s no longer vulnerable to online attack. But don’t just take our word for it – the press are going absolutely gaga over this game-changing gizmo. Hit the high street? Nah!

    Compatible with virtually any website that accepts credit/debit card payments, SmartSwipe is so easy to use you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. The only bummer is you’re going to have to input your info the old fashioned way one last time in order to buy one. C’mon, quit typing and start swiping!

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