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Smart-i Wireless Spy Camera
  • Smart-i Wireless Spy Camera

Smart-i Wireless Spy Camera

I spy, with my little eye...

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    Accessories Pack: Stand and power adapters

    Calling all would-be Bonds, Bournes, Saints, Salts and IMF operatives – we’ve just uncovered the smallest Wi-Fi camera in the world!

    No bigger than a walnut, the Smart-i Wireless Spy Camera still manages to capture footage at 640 x 480 resolution, and stream it directly to a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android mobile. Just download the Smart-i app and you’re away. The footage can be saved directly on your device, so there’s no need for chunky SD cards or extra batteries.

    Speaking of batteries, the Smart-i Wireless Spy Camera will take footage for up to 2hrs – ideal for any undercover ops, or just having fun. With a range of up to 100m (outdoors) you could even attach it to your bike, pet’s collar or R/C aeroplane. Well... even secret agents are allowed to have fun sometimes!

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