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Smart Baby Monitor

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    Touch Buttons

    Touch buttons

    Being a parent is a 24 hour-a-day job. And it lasts, well, pretty much forever. Now, this isn’t exactly breaking news to existing parents, but to first time mums and dads it can come as quite a shock. Especially in today’s world, where not all mums are stay-at-home housewives and not all dads bring home the bacon. Being there for baby has never been more difficult.

    Thankfully there’s now a way to watch over your little ones, wish them goodnight or sing them to sleep, even if you’re miles from home. The Smart Baby Monitor gives you all the functions of a baby monitor, but feeds all of the data straight to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

    Camera Lens

    Stream video as well as audio

    Connecting to your home WiFi or Ethernet settings, this stylish clamshell monitor sends live streaming audio and video over a completely secure and private connection. Just set up the free WithBaby app on your Apple device and you can check on your baby anywhere there’s a wireless internet connection. Once you are connected to the Monitor, the possibilities are staggering. Not only will the wide angle camera send you live video in high resolution, it also has a night vision function. So you can watch over your little one, even while they sleep. What’s more, you can zoom anywhere in the camera’s field of view using the controls on your mobile device. Is that a spider?! No, it’s alright, it’s just fluff...

    iPhone App

    Use the WithBaby App to monitor temperature and humidity, speak to baby, turn the nightlight on/off, play a lullaby or take a photo

    But wait, we’re forgetting the main purpose of a baby monitor! This high-tech device can be programmed to send alerts straight to your phone. The multiple sensors in the unit can be preset to detect movement, audio levels, humidity and temperature in the room. So you can ensure your baby’s environment is absolutely perfect for a restful night’s sleep (that goes for you too); and you’ll know straight away if they’re stirring or crying. And when it comes to soothing your loved ones back to sleep, this compact clamshell has more than a few tricks up its sleeve.


    Complete with stand

    Firstly, the monitor has a calming multi-colour nightlight, which also comes in handy for after hours feeding. But if you can’t be there in person, built-in speakers will let you talk directly to your baby through your Apple device. Sooth them with your voice, sing to them, play them music or engage one of several preset lullabies until they quietly nod off again.

    With all of these functions at your command, the Smart Baby Monitor is the ultimate way to keep tabs on your newborn; whether you’re in the next room or on the other side of the world. And experienced parents will agree; it’s a great introduction to late night phone calls from your little treasures. You’ll see what we mean when they reach their teens.

    Smart Baby Monitor

    Contents (From L-R): Instructions, AC adaptor, Li-ion battery, Carry bag, Smart Baby Monitor unit and stand

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