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Smart Astro Colour Changing Lava Lamp
  • Smart Astro Colour Changing Lava Lamp

Smart Astro Colour Changing Lava Lamp

Lamp of many colours

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    Limited Edition sticker

    Limited edition

    Some things never quite recovered from their association with the early 70s: polyester flares, Tony Blackburn, Spangles…we could go on. But we won’t. We’d rather focus on things that are still going strong. Things like the lava lamp. Because glowing gloop maestros Mathmos have reinvented their iconic curio with the amazing Smart Astro Colour Changing Lava Lamp.
    Touch Sensitive button

    Touch Sensitive

    Ultra stylish, this limited edition, touch sensitive goo gurgler gradually changes colour, making it even more mesmerising than its 20th century predecessor.

    There are two colourways to choose from, Green to Yellow and Blue to Red, each one wafting through several shades en route to its destination colour. You can even pause on any colour by touching a button on the base.
    Colour variants

    Green to Yellow

    Blue to Red

    On a desk
    Unlike most lava lamps the Astro uses LEDs and all manner of high tech jiggery pokery to achieve its hypnotic effect. It really needs to be seen to be disbelieved. But hurry, this funky lamp is strictly limited edition. So get ordering and enjoy the gloop.

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