Slush and Shake Maker
  • Slush and Shake Maker
  • Slush and Shake Maker

Slush and Shake Maker

Brings all the boys to the yard

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  • Incredibly easy to use - simply freeze, pour and stir
  • Solid, attractive design
  • Perfect for chilled shakes or slushies


Whether summer’s on its way, you reside in a remote desert region or you simply enjoy frozen beverages, this incredibly easy to use Slush and Shake Maker is your ticket to tasty treats.

Pop the inner core in the freezer until it’s nice and cold, then insert it into the outer sleeve, add your sugary beverage of choice and within a few minutes you’ll see crystals starting to form. Now it’s time to stir it up, scraping the ridged inner walls with a spoon and marveling as your delicious slushy/shake solidifies before your eyes.

Compact, portable and simple to use, isn't it time to shake up your cold drink routine?

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