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Slush Cuppy
  • Slush Cuppy
  • Slush Cuppy
  • Slush Cuppy
  • Slush Cuppy
  • Slush Cuppy
  • Slush Cuppy

Slush Cuppy

Freezy Peasy

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This is only available at Firebox!
  • Transform your favourite beverages into ice-cold treats in seconds
  • Harness the mind-blowing power of the Spoonstraw
  • Makes a slushie with just the right consistency every time
  • It's as easy as Freeze - Pour - Stir
  • Grasp the icy grail of slushie makers
Everyone loves a slushie, but finding a simple way to make the perfect one yourself is no easy task. Well the search is finally over because we have forged the icy grail of slushie makers – Slush Cuppy

Simply pop the white inner core in the freezer overnight, then return it to the mug, pour in your favourite drink and let the slushy magic begin.

We've included a world-beating miracle of modern engineering – the Spoonstraw! There is simply no better utensil to enjoy your slushy with. Harness its untold power and give the mug a quick stir; within seconds your beverage will transform into a perfectly-mixed frosty paradise right before your very eyes.

Unlike those rancid shop-bought paper cup abominations, slushies made in this magnificent insulated mug stay colder for longer. And because it doesn't require ice or a blender, the slushies aren't watered down. No more depressing blobs of ice hovering in a wretched vessel of juice. The Slush Cuppy laughs in the face of these limp machine-quality monstrosities – we're talking thick, juicy, ice-cold slushies with just the right consistency. Every time.

Freeze. Pour. Stir. Enjoy.

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  • "Purchased as a gift. Was well received great product "
    Kirsty - 13th of January, 2018
  • "There was a slight issue in terms of when the item arrived but aside from that the product was wonderful and a great gift"
    Anna - 30th of December, 2017
  • "I bought one of these two years ago for my girlfriend's brother. Great quality for such a great price!"
    Kieran Barker - 26th of December, 2017
  • "It works great, just you spend staring a little bit longer than I thought "
    Yaiza - 20th of December, 2017
  • "It's a gift for my 7 and 9 years olds, I am pretty sure they will love them!"
    Zeph - 19th of December, 2017