Slippers from the Shire
  • Slippers from the Shire

Slippers from the Shire

One slipper to rule them all

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  • Turn your daily movements into fantastical epic journeys
  • Endear yourself to dwarves, elves and guys with long white beards
  • Wondrously soft and cosy
  • Use them to cover up your own embarrassingly hairy feet


Sometimes the path from your nice, warm bed to the bathroom, or the trek from the couch to the fridge can seem like an epic journey, fraught with peril. It may or may not feature dragons, elves, dwarves and a dude with a big white beard, but it's a tale for the ages regardless.

The Slippers from the Shire are warm, comfortable and certainly look like they’d be capable of making an epic mission to the letter-box, the general store or even up a volcano to dispose of a hypothetical evil ring.

One size fits most adult feet. (That’s human adults, not Ho… fictional characters that must remain nameless.) One slipper to rule them all.

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4 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "Excellent, amusing and caused quite a stir in the local Sainsburys!"
    Ian - 21st of October, 2015
  • "Great, very comfy and cool :)"
    Martin - 8th of April, 2015
  • "Bought as a gift and they were great except my partner said they were a tight fit, he's a size 11."
    Natalie - 25th of March, 2015
  • "I absolutely love these slippers. Super warm and cosy. Adventures abounds! Thank you Firebox. LOTR and Hobbit marathons here I come!"
    Rikita - 23rd of March, 2015